Defiance 2.11

“Doll Parts” 8/21/14 The DJ falls out of the arch. Nolan makes Amanda a deputy while he goes after Irisa. When Nolan catches up to her, Tommy catches him and they fighty fight and when Nolan says just shoot me, the impregnated thing rejects Tommy so he vomits it up and it dies.  Nolan tells him its Arcbrains, specifically Kaziri – an AI that wants to create a rapture to restart the world. Amanda asks Datak if he killed the DJ. A handmaiden finds the bloody microphone under Alek’s bed. Creepy handmaiden. Amanda finds video of the DJ and Alek’s threat against her so arrests him. Nolan fights while Tommy sets up EMP’s to knock out everyone impregnated. Stahmah makes a dying man. Turns out the DJ tied to poison Christie to get rid of the baby so Christie beat the shit out of her and threw her out of the arc. She then tells Alak that if he ever endangers her family again she will kill him. Meanwhile as Nolan and Tommy are transporting Irisa back home she wakes up and stabs Tommy and tells him the holy fire will cleans the earth tomorrow.  She tries to kill Nolan but can’t. Nolan tries to save Tommy. Ughhhh Everyone just die already.  Defiance is bad tvthatiwatch.

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