Defiance 2.10

“Bottom Of The World” 8/21/14 Irisa steals a terrasphere but Nolan stops her. Ambasador Kennedy, the evil E-Rep from last season, wants to see the mines but while they are in there and earthquake happens and the mines collapse trapping Amanda and the Mayor and killing Kennedy. Alek is feeling guilty about having sex with the DJ so she blackmails him for more money. Its looking like a terrorist installed a “rumbler” to cause the shaft to go down. Rafe and Nolan try to save them. Irisa tries to convince Tommy to steal the terrasphere for her. Turns out Rafe’s son, Quinten, was behind the “rumbler” he did it for the Votanis Collective to save his mom. Nolan and Berlin save Amanda and the Mayor. Quinten turns Rafe in for the “rumbler” and he goes along with it to save his son. The VC release Rafe’s wife. and she’s pissed at Quinten for betraying the family.  Tommy delivers the terrasphere and she impregnates him then releases the terrasphere which goes into the earth, releases squidpods that encapsulates the impregnated and brings them down into the tree ship as fruit. Whatever. Defiance is bad tvthatiwatch.

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