Defiance 2.09

“Painted From Memory” 8/14/14 Kenya tells her backstory of where she’s been and then is greeted back at the club. Stahmah is thrown by Kenya’s return. She remembers being back in a water tank and being dragged out with other people and they were shot but she was saved. Irisa and her gang are some place doing some thing. The Mayor goes to see Ywell and says wtf, Kenya was supposed to be dead and not traced back to Special Ops. Stahmah and Datak go to where Kenya was buried and find her remains. Kenya tries to make some new memories by doing Nowlan but he notices that the scars from her exhusband are missing. Flashback to the tank where Ywell and Mayor are creating clones from Indogene templates. Turns out the Ego devices from episode 5 were the memories she’s been implanted with. They took an indogene and implanted her with memories so the Mayor could save her and then sleep with Amanda. The Mayor sells out Ywell who goes underground.  Kenya/Indogene goes to San Francisco.  Rafe’s son was her abductor. Defiance is schlocky bad syfy tvthatiwatch.

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