Arrow 3,02

“Sara” 10/15/14 Laurel brings Sara to the Arrowcave and the team is stunned. Island Ollie, now in Hong Kong, has to do a hit on somone who happens to be Tommy Merlin. Ollie begins investigating Sara’s death. Quentin tells Arrow there is a new archer, LaCroix/Komodo, in town killing people. Palmer keeps trying to hire Felicity. Arrow motorcycle archery jousts? with Komodo three times and loses. Thea hasn’t returned anyones voicemails or emails or texts. As Laurel interviews Komodo’s last victim she finds out all the victims were working on a Ameritek oil deal then he gets shot by Komodo. Palmer has a benefit and Komodo drops by to kill the last man on the docket. Arrow and he bow fight and Arrow best him. Laurel shows up with the gun.. and click – no bullets… to kill him even though he says he didn’t do it as he was in Bloodhaven getting drunk. Ollie buries Sara in her old grave. Thea has been training in Corto Maltese with Merlin. Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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