Madam Secretary 1.04

“Just Another Normal Day” 10/12/14 A chinese kid demands diplomatic immunity. Elizabeth and her staff have spent the last 4 days trying to get a peace treaty between Japan and China over natural gas rights on tiny islands in the pacific. The girls diplomatic asylum messes everything up. A woman shows up with her daughter who could be the asylums sister. A congressman shows up at Stevie’s job and suggests that she inform her mother how much the people of Texas don’t want them to return the girl.
Nadine admits to having an affair with the previous Secretary of State.
The asylum girl’s mother has a “heart attack” back in china making the decision much more challenging. Turns out the mother was the protester 25 years ago and wanted it for her daughter. The daughter decides to go back. Elizazbeth uses the girl to make China sign the deal. Madam Secretary is tvthatiwatch.

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