True Blood 7.07

“May Be The Last Time” 8/3/14 Eric and Pam find out from the sister that Sarah/Newme IS the cure. Violet takes the kids to her Sex house. Arlene has a Sex dream about the vamp that saved her. Bill is deteriorating quickly. The Nakamoto corporation offers Erik a proposal – don’t kill Sarah and when they synthesize the cure he can be the spokesperson for New Blood for 49% of the new company. Andy and Holly go looking for Adeline and Wade. Hoyt comes back to town to see his momma’s corpse. Sarah goes to the old Light Of Day commune. Sookie calls Grandpa Stackhouse to save Bill but he says his magic can’t do it. Erik and the Nakamotos show up at the Light Of Day. True Blood is tvthatiwatch or maybe just endure to get thru to the season finale.

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