Extant 1.05

“What On Earth Is Wrong” 8/6/14 Molly wakes up even more pregnant than she was before and Marcus (her dead/ex boyfriend/alien) is there to greet her in the kitchen. They go for a terrifying drive and she wakes up again.
John finds Ethan and Molly down a ravine and they bring her to the hospital.
Julie is doing her lab assistant, Odin. Alan brings the baby to the lab. The hospital says she has never been pregnant. Molly and John go to Dr. Sam’s and she denies everything. Ethan doesn’t reboot. Molly remembers that the dog bit her at her dad’s place so she gets the sample and runs it and sees the results that she was pregnant and the DNA is alien. Which makes John sad it wasn’t his sperm. Boo hoo. Molly goes back to Alan and says she was crazy so he lets her come back to work. While there, her assistant creates an algorithm to see mystery particles that killed the worms on the space station. When Molly runs the program on her footage from the space station she sees the mystery particles swarm over her. Extant is tvthatiwatch.

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