Arrow 3.01

“The Calm” 10/8/14 Six months later, The Arrow, Speedy and the team do a kick ass job of stopping an RPG shipment. A new Vertigo is running around.
Ollie asks Felicity out on a date. Island Ollie is in Hong Kong and Waller wants him to work for her. Diggle and Layla are pregnant and have a baby. Captain Quentin drops the anti-vigilante task force against Arrow. Vertigo shoots an RPG at Ollie and Felicity’s dinner date. Arrow and Quentin track down Vertigo and he drugs up Arrow but Quentin has a coronary spasm. Roy Palmer makes a bid for Quinn industries. The team deduces that Vertigo is going to take out the top 3 crime bosses at a boxing match to become the new kingpin. Arrow fights Vertigo, Roy stops the bomb and Canary shows up and fights too. Laurel and Sara reconnect and then someone shows up and puts 3 arrows in Sara and she falls off the roof and dies!! Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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