The Flash 1.01

“Pilot” 10/7/14 The Martin Brothers rob a bank. Wally West, a forensic assistant, determines that the getaway car was a mustang with manure in the treads. Detective Joe West tracks down the car and the Brothers but they fly off in a plane. Meanwhile at Star Labs the particle accelerator has an anomoly which interacts with the storm cloud creating a bolt of lightning that hits Barry. The anomoly creates a shock wave that hits the Martin’s plane too. Flashback, little Barry wakes up one evening and a red and yellow blur are fighting over his mother and then he is transported miles away. His father is charged with her death. Nine months after the disruption, Barry wakes up from a coma. He figures out that he has speed powers now. Clyde Martin shows up again robbing banks with the power to control the weather. Joe and his partner Eddie go back to the farm and Clyde whips up a catagory 5 tornado to destroy the city and Wally reverse cyclones it. Dr. Wells goes into his secret roon with a holographic newspaper about The Flash. The Flash is fun tvthatiwatch.

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