Gotham 1.03

“The Balloonman” 10/6/14 A corporate fatcat that swindled millions from everyday investors gets hand cuffed to a balloon by a man in a pig mask. Oswald returns to Gotham and whacks the first guy that recognizes him. Then proceeds to whack a guy for shoes. Gordan asks Selina to walk him through the crime scene. Montoya and Allen confront Gordan about the death of Cobblepot based on Fish’s information. Lt. Kranston is the next victim of the balloon man. Montoya tells Barbara that Jim is bad regardless of her feeling for her. The first ballon comes down. The third balloon goes up with a diddling Cardnal attached to it. Gordan and Bullock track down the Balloon man but Bullock ends up cuffing him to the last balloon and Gordan jumps on and makes Bullock shoot them down. Cobblepot shows up at Gordans door. Gotham is tvhtatiwatch.

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