Agents of SHIELD 2.03

“Making Friends and Influencing People” 10/8/14 SS Whitehall is trying to brainwash Agent 33. Simmons is working for Hydra. She sees a dossier on Donny Gill, aka Blizzard and realizes the samples she’s been working on are his. Oh, and she is double agenting for Coulson. She gets called up to upper management to be asked about Gill. Hydra goes after Donnie to recruit him only he doesn’t want to be so they send in Simmons. SHIELD goes after Gill too. Fitz confronts Ward. Ward tells Fitz that Gill has already been programmed by HYDRA and broke it earlier and they are trying to reinstate it. Simmons confronts Gill but May breaks it up but Gill gets turned anyway. As HYDRA escapes Gill gets shot and falls into the water. Ward tells Skye he can take her to her father. Agents of SHIELD is fun tvthatiwatch.

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