Scorpion 1.02

“Single Point Of Failure” 9/29/14 The Govenor’s daughter comes down with a virus and so does her computer. Turns out the Govenor and 3 other people used to work for a drug company who did trials but cancelled the trials when they could use the drug for something else. The team decides to break into the drug company and get all the patients on the list. They figure out the one who is the molecular biologist is the guy behind it all. They hack his comupter and send the virus to the CDC so they can back reverse engineer it. But it turns out there is one more victim, The Govenor himself, and the new virus will kill him instantly. But the Govenor has gone to pay ransom, which of course is a ruse to deliver the virus. They stop him but need to turn on the sprinklers to wash away the virus. And of course this dredges up everyone feelings about MS sisters, and daughters that died and Paige’s own son. Scorpion is tvthatiwatch.

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