True Blood 7.06

“Karma” 7/27/14 Pam and Eric get captured by the Yakuza. Lafayette decides he has had enough of his mother’s BS about Tara so he decides both he and she will take V together to figure it out. They enter the dream state and find her. Bill goes to his lawyer and tries to transfer his estate but she says it’s impossible so he kills her. Sarah goes to her sisters. Merlotte’s gf leaves him. Jessica tells Jason and Sookie about Bill. Sookie recalls she might be infected so she goes to the clinic and she is. Bill is rapidly progressing. Sarah informs her sister she took the antidote and therefore she can heal the world. Violet breaks off with Jason then goes and gets her bf. Eric and the Yakuza show up to get Sarah from her sisters and see that the sister is 100% healed. True Blood is tvthatiwatch

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