Taxi Brooklyn 1.03

“Cherchez les Femmes” 7/9/14 Leo’s regular ride is wandering around the sidewalk.  As Leo takes him home, he gets snatched on the side of the rode. The poor old guy ends up dead.  Turns out he was a holocost victim.  He apparently frequented a brothel and has some big bills from a robbery heist done by the mafia from 4 years ago. Cat goes to see her old friend who happens to be a daughter of a mafia boss. Right after, some hoodlums chase down Leo and ask him where the briefcase with $1M bucks in it.  When they figure out where the money is, it leads to the hoodlums but they won’t turn over on the mafia. Her ex informs her the FBI is looking into her fathers murder and it turns out her best friend is now the head of the mafia and was in charge of the hit on her dad. Taxi Brooklyn is tvthatiwatch

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