Masters Of Sex 2.02

“Kyrie Eleison” 7/20/14 Masters can’t hire Virginia at the new place he is working at, Memorial Hospital, because he already has a secretary – Barbara Sanderson. Betty Meretti blackmails Masters into doing fake fertility enhancements on her every day. A young girl is brought in as a patient, she apparently terminated her pregnancy and it was a botched job and she’s a nympho. Lillian tries to make a pap smear video and babbles due to her cancer. Libby hires a maid. Vivian tells Masters about Barton’s suicide attempt. Virginia is asked about the dildo camera and the Dr. Ditmer gets off on the description. Masters asks the Nympho to use an IUD instead of a hysterectomy. Lillian’s cancer has metasticized. Betty tells the Nympho  she stabbed her mom in the eye after years of her telling her she was a slut.  Masters Of Sex is good tvthatiwatch.

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