Masters Of Sex 2.01

“Parallax” 7/13/14 Virginia is dealing with the fallout of the presentation with all the doctors hitting on her. She starts selling cal-o-metric. Bill and Virginia are having an affair at the hotel. Barton gets electroshock therapy and tries desperately to have sex with Margaret. Bill tries to talk him out of the therapy. Libby makes Bill go to a benefit at another hospital. Virginia declines Ethan’s marriage offer. Lillian doesn’t approve of Virginia selling diet pills. Austin’s wife stops by the hospital and gets on the speaker system declaring that he slept with her sister. Bill sends Esse back to Ohio. Barton tries to hang himself. Meretti, The Pretzel King gives a sizable donation to the new hospital with the caveat that Masters come to Gateway Memorial Hospital and start up his study.  Dr. Greathouse wants him to do the study too. Masters Of Sex is good tvthatiwatch.

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