Halt And Catch Fire 1.09

“Up Helly Aa” 7/27/14 Road trip to Vegas!!!! The hotel no longer is holding their reservations as Cardiff Electric is under ciminal investigation. Gordon and Joe run a scam on lame printer company and take over their suite. Cameron decorates the booth and makes everything a mystery. Gordon and Donna can’t get the computer running before the demo that night. Joe does an amazing misdirect with strippers! As they walk the floor they hear Hunt and their next door neighbor touting the “Slingshot” as a new portable computer!!! Gordon confronts Donna about Hunt. Joe is upset the Slingshot will be in stores by X-Mas. Gordon guts the computer to make it a clone. They make the pitch and tell everyone its a computer, deal with it. The Macintosh debuts with a personality and Joe realizes he was wrong. Halt And Catch Fire is good tvthatiwatch.

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