Halt and Catch Fire 1.08

“The 214s” 7/20/14 Comdex is fast approaching. Joe decides that it would be best if he went alone. Hunt shows up outside Donna’s, but leaves quite embarassed. The next day Donna finds out he resigned. The police come by and take Bosworth out in cuffs. Turns out Bosworth got Cameron to hack into the bank and “borrow” some money. Gordon broke into Cardiff and steals the portable PC. Gordon tells Cameron that he finally was able to buy his wife a wedding ring. Joe asks his dad if IBM is making a portable and he says yes but they are a year away from marketing it.  Joe spent the last year tyring to figure out if he was like his mom or his dad.  Joe says I’ll come back if you make me the head of the team. When Joe comes back to his apartment, Cameron and Gordon tell Joe he needs to go to Comdex and tells him all the wonderful things that have happened.  Gordon was miserable before Joe came.  Cameron wrote an amazing OS without even graduating college. Bosworth robbed a bank for gods sake.  Cameron goes to see Bosworth and he “convinces” her he could have hacked it then tells he to go kick their asses. Halt and Catch Fire is good tvthatiwatch.

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