Gotham 1.02

“Selina Kyle” 9/29/14 Some homeless kids get attacked by a overly chipper couple who end up killing a vet and tosses a kid through a window. Apparently Selina Kyle witnesses every death in Gotham. Bullock interrogates the kid through intimidation. Penguin is hitchhiking and some college kids pick up him up but they call him a penguin so he stabs them in the neck with a broken bottle. Nigma figures out the kid has a knockout drug in him used at Arkham Asylum. Falcone  stops by to talk to Fish and says the death of the Wayne’s throws everything out of balance then proceeds to beat the shit out of her lover, Laslo. The kids wake up in an underground cell. The couple works for the Dollmaker. When Gordon and Bullock go to a pharmacy they run across the couple, shootout and the couple escapes.  But they rescue the kids. Little Bruce Wayne listens to Death Metal. All the kids get shipped off to Juvie but the couple hijacks a busload.  Selina Kyle is on the bus but escapes. Gordon and Bullock end up saving them. Penguin still is holding one of the college boys ransom. Selina tells Bruce she saw who killed Bruce’s parents. Gotham is tvthatiwatch.

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