Forever 1.01

“Pilot” 9/22/14 Henry meets a girl on a train but it crashes and he dies but comes back to life in the river. Martinez figures out that Henry was on the train. Henry stood up for a slave on a slave trader boat 200 years ago and lost his life. Since then he comes back to life. Henry has a fan that knows what he is now. Henry deduces that the conductor was poisoned with aconite and the crash was planned to kill Henry. He lifts a print off the conductor, brings it to Martinez to run a scan and it leads to a chemist. Martinez gets some acanite on her and Henry has to burn it off. From there they figure out he plans on gassing the train station. Henry and Martinez find him on the roof, she gets shot, then Henry gets shot, then Henry grabs him and leaps off the building. Forever is tvthatiwatch.

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