Extant 1.04

“Shelter” 7/30/14 John, Molly and Ethan escape to her dad’s place. Louis Gosset Jr is on the show???? as her dad. Hideki is doing experiments with a meteor fragment but it proves fatal to the scientists. Dr. Sam is being interrogated by Alan and blackmails her with her brother. John creates a DNA scanner from random computer parts in her fathers garage and takes a sample from Molly. The dad uses Ethan to make a wager on skill game but he flubs it. The SWAT team abducts Ethan then electrocutes him. The sheriff calls off the search team because Ethan is a robot, John punches the sheriff, and Molly keeps looking till they abduct her and perform a babyectomy on her on a boat, which doesn’t seem like the kind of place you want to perform laser surgery. Extant is bad tvthatiwatch.

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