Defiance 2.07

“If You Could See Her Through My Eyes” 7/31/14 Datak is doing the handmaiden and when he wakes up the next morning she is dead. Irisa slices her arm open to jump back into the dreamscape to find the man she sees in her dream but a new traveling salesman looks exactly him named, Kai. Datak calls Rafe to help him bury the body. Amanda goes to see the Viceroy about the Mayor. Datak confronts Stahmah about the dead handmaiden and they send a squad to go after the killer. Irisa’s friend Rhu goes missing.  The DJ backstabs Christie and sells her out to Alek. Lambert a local school teacher, shows up at Ywell’s looking for eye drops for his new Castie eyes.  He leads them to a doctor who is extracting eyes from aliens. Irisa gets stabbed in the confrontation. Datak thumbs him in the eyes. The DJ does Alek. Irisa kisses Kai and we find out she and he took over an Arkfall ship. The Viceroy sings to Christie creepily. Nowlan attacks Irisa and learns the secret. This show keeps ending on musical numbers.  Eww.  Defiance is bad syfy tvthatiwatch.

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