Defiance 2.06

“This Woman’s Work” 7/24/14 Berlin and Tommy do it and Berlin makes a sex tape of it. A holyman verbally attacks Stahmah for a women taking over the family. An Arcfall crashes and some “thing” has escaped.  Viceroy Berto drops by the Mayors office and says go collect the spoils from it and take Nowlan.  Tommy quits. Irisa attacks another man and impregnates him but Tommy witnesses it and tries to bring her in. When the E-Rep team arrives at the crash site, Nowlan realizes it was a Golanie, a creature of pure energy, The Golanie takes out the whole squad.  Irisa clues Tommy into what is going with her. Stahmah decides to go to the woman’s knitting circle and kills them all. The Golanie takes on Churchill and kills him.  Nowlan creates a device to hold the Golanie then the Mayor beats the crap out of it to avenge Churchill. Irisa’s victim comes back to life and she swears Tommy to secrecy. Stahmah gets the holy man stoned. When Tommy tells Berlin he doesn’t want to move to Texas she goes full bitch on him the has sex with Nowlan. The Viceroy is into some weird kink and goes full trannie, as in tran-species, and crossdresses as a Castie.  So does Christie.  Defiance is bad syfy tvthatiwatch.

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