Defiance 2.05

“Put The Damage On” 7/17/14 Amanda gets attacked in the bath. Datak is licking his wounds that Yewll is healing and Ywell gets a visit from an old friend. Amanda is having flashbacks to her rape during the occupation when Tommy and Irisa decides to chaperone her. She hallucinates again and shoots them. Datak goes back to his home and does a ritual that allows him back into the family. Datak goes to the Votanus Collective to get their backing for get rid of the E-Rep. Now the Mayor is hallucinating and its Connor. Amanda shows back up at the bar overdosing. Turns out she has a ego implant on the back of her neck. Yewll might have one too as her visitor has been dead for 8 years. Datak asks Rafe to put in a good word for him and sees if he is interested in joining up with the VC to take out the E-Rep. The Mayor and Yewell apparently infected Amanda to record her memories for the past 3 weeks.  Yewell takes the Mayor’s out but leaves hers in to make her remember the past. Defiance is bad tvthatiwatch and should stop watching.

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