Defiance 2.04

“Beasts Of Burden” 7/10/14 The Mayor’s convoy gets ambushed and all the E-Rep equipment is stolen and the Mayor is forced to strip and then gets pee’d on. The leader of the ambushers show up at Rafe place and lo and behold, its Jonathan. Datek gets harrassed by the E-Reps turns out it was Stahmah bribing them to do it. Nolan shows up at Rafe place asking about the ambush and Rafe’s god-son turns a gun on Nolan who promptly puts him in his place. Datek burns his son’s hand for betraying him. Berlin gets the video of the ambush up and running just as Joseph comes in and abducts her.  Nolan saves the day but Rafe ends up shooting his godson in the back. Stahmah and Alak get the Castie councel to go all Ceasar and beat the shit out of Datek.  Defiance is bad tvthatiwatch.

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