Agents of SHIELD 2.02

“Heavy Is The Head” 9/30/14 Picking up after the crash. Hunter is the only one who survived. May tracks Creel. Talbot shows up to get him to talk.
Mack and Tripp are working on the cloaking. Fitz is still talking with Simmons and she convinces him to look into Creel. Creel ends up infecting a waitress with his ability. Hunter returns to SHIELD and just wants Creel. Raina shows up and makes him an offer. Then she contacts Colson about not wanting
Mack works with Fitz and he firgures out how to stop Creel. Hunter takes out Skye, May and Tripp then tries to put a bullet in Creel only Creel deflects it.
Coulson straps the device on Creel and takes him out. Riana makes off with the obelisk. Coulson has apparently been having episodes where he needs to draw the alien text. Riana touches the obelisk and it lets her live. Coulson meets Talbot in a field and offers him Creel in exchange for a little breathing room then flies off in a cloaked jet. Agents of SHIELD is fun tvthatiwatch.

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