Madam Secretary 1.01

“Pilot” 9/21/14 Stupids kids get arrested in Syria and thrown in jail. A professor, Elizabeth McCord and her husband Henry, are enjoying life at school. The Secretary of State, Vincent Marsh’s, plane went down over the Atlantic. The President of the US stops by her house and offers her the position. Two months later. George tells Elizabeth he thinks the plane was purposely taken down. The Chief Of Staff, Russell Jackson, tries to block Elizabeth from saving the kids and makes her do it his way only the Op goes bad. The President sides with Russell. Elizabeth uses her contacts to make an attempt then tells the President. She pulls a fast one on the parents of the kids to stop a story from moving forward by having her image consultant do a makeover. She gets the kids released and Russell takes her to task for going behind her back. After the state dinner, that she aces, Henry tells her George is dead. And not by accident. Madam Secretary was an entertaining pilot tvthatiwatch.

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