Gotham 1.01

“Pilot” 9/22/14 Selina Kyle, a petty thief, snatches a wallet and escapes only to witness a family getting mugged then shot in an alley. Jim Gordan & Harvey Bullock are partners with Jim being the new guy on the force. They get assigned the Wayne case. Renee Montoya & Allen are Major Crimes and want the case. Edward Nigna is the ballistic specialist for the GCPD. Fish Mooney runs the docks. Oswald Cobblepot is Fish’s lackie. Jim goes home to his wife Barbara who apparently had lesbian tendencies with Montoya. Bullock finds out a thug named Mario Pepper was trying to fence a string of pearls. They show up at his place and little Ivy answers the door. Mario runs and Bullock ends up shooting him in the chest. Oswald tells Montoya and Allen that Fish and Bullock framed Mario. Montoya goes to see Barbara and tells her of the frame up. Jim starts to look into the frame up and starts to see holes in the story. He confronts Bullock and then Fish and she beats the crap out of him. Bullock finds where he is and ask Fish to let Gordan go or he will come after her. She strings Bullock up too then beats the crap out of Oswald for being the snitch. Before Fish’s men can take them out Falcone shows up. Bullock makes Gordon shoot Oswald in the head to pay his respects to Falcone but he fakes it and pushes Oswald into the river. Gordon goes to see Bruce and tell him Mario was framed but he will find his killer. Oswald makes it across the river and kills someone for a sandwich. Gotham is tvthatiwatch. As a pilot I thought they were trying way to hard to name drop but I’ll watch.

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