Agents of SHIELD 2.01

“Shadows” 9/23/14 Austria 1945 – Agent Carter and her SSR blasts into a Hydra operation and takes an Oblesque artifact and tags it an 084. Current day, an info deal is going down with info on the SSR’s 084 and a 3rd party shows up and kills the 2nd party. When he gets shot, pieces of him chip off. Turns out its Carl Creel, The Absorbing Man. Fitz isn’t right and Simmons is trying to bring him back. Coulson asks Skye to go into the basement where Ward is and get some information from him. General Talbot has been chasing SHIELD. When Creel goes after him they protect him and take him back to the headquarters. The team gets the location of where the 084 and the Absorbing Man are and sneak in. Hartley finds the 084 at the same time Creel does and grabs it only it destroys her arm and they have to cut it off. On the way back the Absorbing Man wrecks the car and takes the Oblesque artifact. Whoa, Simmons apprently left a while ago. The Simmons we’ve seen is just a figment of Fitz’s imagination. The Hydra agent from 1945 was apparently the man who hired the Absorbing Man in the first place. I think the show might be back on track. Agents of SHIELD is fun tvthatiwatch being a Marvel geek and all.

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