True Blood 7.02

“I Found You” 6/29/14 While in church, Jason has an erotic dream about Eric. Arlene tries to rally the hostages and turns one of the vamps against the hep-v’s only that vamp ends up dying as she tries to release them. Sookie takes the sheriff to the dead body she stumbled on. They deduce the town she was from and head there only to find out its a ghost town. Sookie reads the dead girls diary and from that deduces Fangtasia. Tara’s mom goes to Lafayette to try to have him communicate with Tara but when he denies her she intentionally burns herself to get vamp blood to see Tara. Vince whips the townspeople into a frenzy and makes them raid the police station for guns taking Adilyn hostage. Jessica informs Andy she can sense Adilyn is in trouble. Pam finds Eric and he apparently has hep-v.  True Blood is tvthatiwatch.

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