The 100 1.13

“We Are Grounders – Part 2″ 6/11/14 The kids leave the fort and after 100 feet one of the gets a flying weapon to the head so they run back to the fort. Raven tells them of the hydrazine so Clarke decides to ignite the rocket and blast the grounders but the wiring is fried. Meanwhile up on the arc they plan for a rocket burn only it doesn’t engage so Jaha stays behind to manually do it. As the battle rages on the arc begins reentry. Finn gets an idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and he and Lincoln bring the reapers. Anya leaps into the dropship as they close the door. The kids end up igniting the rockets killing the hoard. The arc touches down and Abby and Kane revel in the Earth. Jaha is alone on the ring of the arc. The next day as the kids venture out of the ship they see the smoking remains of their attackers then a bunch of smoke bombs gets launched at them and Anya says “mountain men” and guys with laser sights storm the fort and everyone passes out. Clarke wakes up in a white room with a bed and lights and an IV. As she goes to the window she sees Monty in the room across from her and a sign that says “Mount Weather Quarantine Ward “. Praise be to the god of TV cause they got a second season pick up. Hooray. The 100 is fun tvthatiwatch.

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