Penny Dreadful 1.08

“Grand Guignol” 6/29/14 Dorian stop by to  see Vanessa and she spurns him. Spurns I say! The lead in the play gives Caliban, playing, duh… A wicked Phantom of the Opera… Err… Play, anyways she gives him an orange and when he puts some make up on and takes the orange back to share it with her, he puts a little too much effort which scares her so he forces a kiss upon her then gets fired. Ms. Croft’s consumption has reached the end stages so Ethan gets Victor who promptly puts a pillow on her face and kills her and then plans to make her Lady Frankenstein or Lady Caliban. Whatever. Bounty hunters come for Ethan so he slaps them around. Everyone goes to the theater after hours and they have a showdown with the vampire. Mina shows up, wants to make Vanessa her bride and Malcolm shoots her and then says a has a daughter and then shoots her again. The bounty hunters show up and Ethan FINALLY wolfs out. Victor prepares Brona. Vanessa goes into a church to ask for an exorcism.  Penny dreadful is tvthatiwatch but am on the fence about the second season.

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