Penny Dreadful 1.06

“What Death Can Join Together” 6/15/14 Ethan comes home to Brona after a night of doing Dorian. Dorian goes to see Vanessa for a photo shoot. Caliban is obsessed with an actress. Malcolm, Sembene and Ethan head to a plague ship. They get attacked by Dracula’s white haired bitches. When the ship catches fire Dracula drags out Mina to tease Malcolm. Dorian and Vanessa do it but halfway thru she gets possessed and leaves. Van Helsing gives some advice to Frankenstein and then Caliban snaps his neck! because he wants Frankie to give him his woman. Vanessa comes home to Malcolm and floats off the ground and spins. Whatever. Penny Dreadful is tvthatiwatch.

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