Enlisted 1.13

“Alive Day” 6/22/14 It’s the Regimental ball and they are honoring Major Cody. But it gets canceled due to budget cuts. Pete decides to do it anyway. Derrick tells the gf he doesn’t want to bring her to the ball. Chibowski wants a date with Laurie Laughlin. Randy pampers Cody to distract him from the ball. Then it all comes together magically. Pete loves it all till they have a platoon in Afghanistan congratulate them then breaks down. They find him on the beach and everyone tells him how much he did for them and it’s touching and heartwarming and then everyone runs into the ocean. And Laurie Laughlin shows up for Chibowski!!  What a great show. Too bad Fox is stupid and cancelled it.  Enlisted is really fun tvthatiwatch-ed.

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