Defiance 2.02

“In My Secret Life” 6/26/14 Nolan and Irisa show up back in Defiance and Irisa gets arrested at the stasis net. The new mayor tells Stahma she can’t sell drugs. A bomb goes off at the market and Amanda convinces the mayor to hire Nolan. Irisa forces Tommy to make out with her and then tells him something awful is inside of her. Datek tricks a person into attacking the mayor and “saves” the mayor from the attack. Nolan tracks down the bomber. Turn out it was the guy Stahma has beaten up last week. And he’s got another bomb set to go off on her car. Nolan saves the day. Stahma tells Alak he has to kill the bomber so he fumbles in the attempt but manages to do it in the end. Nolan and Amanda do it. Tommy is dating the E-Rep Captain. Defiance is bad syfy tvthatiwatch.

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