Defiance 2.01

“The Opposite Of Hallelujah” 6/19/14 The E-Rep government has taken control of the city. Datek is in jail so he wife visits him and jerks him off. Ywell is in jail too. Datek tries to get her to jack him off too. Alak shows lenience with one of his people so Stahma has someone beats the crap out of the loser and tells Alak she is taking over the company and making him a figurehead. A mining incident due to the E-Rep forcing them to work 24 hr shifts makes two sons act out. When they escape, the young one gets killed. Amanda is now running the bar since here sister has run away. Nolan is still hunting down his daughter. He gets ambushed by a dealer that he crossed in the past and Irisa pops up and saves him. Defiance is bad syfy tvthatiwatch.

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