The 100 1.12

“We Are Grounders – Part 1″6/4/14 The Arc has 51 hours before it loses all of it’s resources. The kids try to fortify the camp. Tristan shows up at Anya’s and finds out apparently has a commander above her and the “Reapers” are coming. Anya tells her minion to kill Clarke so he picks her up and rides his two headed horse through the forest… To Finn! Because the minion is Lincoln! He tells them to escape through the mines? Murphy takes Jasper hostage after killing redshirt Miles. Bellamy does a trade for Jasper and Murphy wants him to hang. Lincoln, Finn and Clarke wander in the caves till the reapers come. Raven and Jasper break into the dropship and find a ton of hydrazine to make more bombs. Jaha figures out he can use the thrusters to land the arc. Lincoln distracts the reapers who are like savages? But one happens to pounce on Clarke so Finn beats it to death. Murphy uses the gunpowder to blow an escape hole. Finn and Clarke return to the camp. Bellamy wants to make a stand and Clarke says let’s bail for the ocean. Jaha says let’s bring the Arc to Earth! The 100 is fun tvthatiwatch.

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