Halt and Catch Fire 1.02

“FUD” 6/8/14 Everyone goes in front of the IBM lawyers and realize what tools they are. John says our plan is to make a computer with twice the speed and 1/2 the cost. Cameron and Gordon have to be seperated so she can work on the bios and and he can work on the engineering. Being her first real job, Cameron is frustrated building the code. Joe confronts her with IBM’s code and says just copy it. IBM raids Cardiff’s clients removing 68% of their business from them. IBM then goes after Cameron trying to woo her away from Cardiff. Then goes after Joe, telling him he can come back. Whoa, Joe got beat up as a 9 year old and chased off the roof of a building. He hates bullies and IBM is a bully. Halt and Catch Fire is fascinating tvthatiwatch.

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