Halt and Catch Fire 1.01

“I/O” 6/1/14 Joe MacMillan, an ex IBM employee, wants to reverse engineer the IBM PC. Cameron Howe, a hot shit college student, wows Joe so he bangs her. Gordon Clarke, a burned out disgruntled software engineer at Cardiff Electric once designed an amazing keyboard called Synphonic but it flopped. Joe gets a job at Cardiff as a sales rep. He convinces Gordon to decode the BIOS on IBM’s motherboard then Joe calls IBM and tells him he’s reverse engineering thier machine setting off a shitstorm of legal discussions. Joe manipulates everyone into making Cardiff actually begin reverse engineering the chipset. Which forces IBM and their slew of legal advisers show up at Cardiff’s doorstep to prove it so Joe needs to find a programmer to recreate the BIOS… enter Cameron. This is another example of a engaging pilot that makes you want to delve into history to find the truth. Bravo AMC. Halt and Catch Fire is really engaging tvthatiwatch.

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