The 100 1.11

“The Calm” 5/26/14 2 days now and no grounder attack. Kane wakes up on the station after the solar panels get in sight of the sun and restart the circulators. The smoke shack burns down so the kids have to go hunting for fresh meat. Raven is upset after her breakup with Finn so sleeps with Bellamy and makes some radios. Clarke, Finn and the redshirt Miles go hunting together. Miles gets squewered and the grounders capture Clarke and Finn. Grounder Anya wants Clarke to fix one of her people who was hurt from the bridge explosion. Kane gets a group of the survivors to try to help Jaha who is stuck in the command center. A group of survivors might have gotten off the Exodus before it launched and Kane goes after them and Abby happens to be one of the survivors. Clarke cuts open patient to get the blood out of her lung then decides to do a transfusion but the patient dies so Anya decides to kill Finn as retribution. Monty sees something in the woods that causes radio static. Clarke escapes after stabbing a grounder and slitting his throat then runs through the forest, falls into a trap and gets hung from a tree. The 1100 is fun tvthatiwatch.

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