Penny Dreadful 1.03

“Resurrection” 5/25/14 Victor as a child recalls his mom vomiting blood on him. Then study’s anatomy. Victor’s first born, Caliban, recalls his origin. His first beat down and his first act of kindness. Then joins a theater group. Ethan becomes friendly with the actress that Dorian did. Vanessa has a vision of Mina. Ethan stops by Malcolm and Vanessa’s for a job and asks what happened to Mina. Apparently Mina became embroiled with a man Harker then another man who is evil, now she is under his spell. Caliban wants a bride. Vanessa, Malcolm and Ethan go to the zoo after hours where Ethan meets a pack of wolves and knees down and sticks his hand in the leaders mouth. On their way out they find Fenton a vampire and torture him. Penny Dreadful is tvthatiwatch.

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