Hannibal 2.13

“Mizumono” 5/23/14 Hannibal invites Jack over for dinner. Will is stuck in the middle between the two of them. Hannibal goes to see Beverly. Hannibal is preparing to leave by burning his patients records. Hannibal smells Freddie on Will. Kade comes back and blows everything up. She puts out a warrant for both Jack and Will for entrapment. Jack and Hannibal have an epic fight. Like insane. Alana shows up and tries to shoot Hannibal but he took her bullets so she runs up stairs reloads and Abigail!!!!! pushes her out the window. Will shows up, goes inside and Abigail waits for him and then Hannibal guts him. And then slits Abigail’s throat and walks of into the night. Hannibal is amazing tvthatiwatch.

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