Warehouse 13 5.06

“Endless” 5/19/14 After realizing there is no way to stop the warehouse from moving, everyone sits around the round table and has to give their best moments for the history of the Warehouse 13. Claudia recalls the 42nd street dancers making the crew dance till they do the show stopper. Artie is next with time travel to 1942 with… His son. Pete doesn’t want anything to change so fights the move. Mika gets ninja cat burglers. Artie yells at the warehouse. Jink’s turn and he remembers when he and Claudia got shrunk down and injected into Artie and shoot a miniature artifact inside his heart.
Mika kisses Pete and tells him she loves him. Pete’s defining moment was every single one of them because this made him a better man. Flash Forward to Warehouse 14 and Claudia with words of wisdom for the new recruits. Warehouse 13 is tvthatiwatch and sad to see go.

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