The 100 1.10

“I Am Become Death” 5/21/14 The kids wander around in the aftermath of the crash. Murphy comes back from being tortured by the grounders and they infected him with a biological virus and kids start dying. For a cast with 100 kids they have no issue knocking people off. They have to be in the high 80’s now. 14 graves. Now that Jasper has killed someone he has become a douche. Olivia goes to see Lincoln for a cure and he says they will attack at dawn. Finn gets the idea to blow the bridge and Raven decides to use the rocket fuel from the downed ship to make a bomb. Bellamy gets sick. Raven takes the bomb by herself but comes down with the fever. Finn and Jasper chase after her. Lincoln asks Olivia to go across the ocean with him but she declines. Murphy kills Curt so 15 graves. The 100 is fun tvthatiwatch.

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