Grimm 3.22

“Blonde Ambition” 5/16/14 Rehearsal for the wedding. Adalind turns into Juliette and goes to see Renard then makes out with him. Rosalie’s sister destroys her dress so the parents go out to get her a new dress. Adalind as Juliette does Nick but Trouble suspects something. When the real Juliette shows up, they race to the wedding and on the way they deduce he slept with Adalind. Renard shows up at Nick’s house and talks with Trouble and they confirm Adalind is faking but he needs Nick to drink the potion. Then the FBI agent shoots him in the chest 4 times. The agent and Trouble fight and she cuts off his head and drives the potion to the wedding. But as soon as she gets there everyone freaks out because she is a Grimm and she drops the potion. Nick loses his powers of Grimm. Meanwhile Wu, the cops and an ambulance shows up at Nick’s, sees the aftermath and freaks out.
Grimm is tvthatiwatch.

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