Salem 1.04

“Survivors” 5/11/14 Mercy gets an excercisim and a snake comes out of her stomach. Leuitenant Hook is looking to collect his cargo but the boat with his goods is quarantined from the plague by Mary. When Mercy and her father are out and about, Mary tries to command her to point out the next witch but she denies her. John is invited to a dinner party and made a board member of the town. Anne has a charm around her neck with valarian root on it that burns Mary. George Sibley has been stabbing himself with a knitting needle to write the words Witch. He gives the note to Hook who uses it as a bargaining chip against Mary to gain access to his boat. Mary gets Mercy to swallow the snake again. Tituba convinces John to stop Hook from delivering his package. John kills him and puts him with the plaugers. When John opens the package he finds a Hellraiser box. Salem is tvthatiwatch.

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