Penny Dreadful 1.01

“Night Work” 5/11/14 In the teaser, a woman gets rips out of an outhouse and a little girl screams. The locals blame Jack the Ripper. Sharpshooter Ethan Chandler gets offered some night work. Vanessa brings him to Malcolm who takes them into an opium den and gets attacked by vampires. A more evolved creature begins to attack them, and Vanessa steps in from of him stopping him in his tracks giving Malcolm time to stab him. They bring him past the Resurrection men to a man of necropathy who performs an autopsy discovering and outer shell and hieroglyphics on the interior.
They take the hieroglyphics to an Egyptian scholar who tells them the writing are from the book of the dead. Malcolm comes home and is visited by Mina. The doctor ends up being Victor Frankenstein. Penny Dreadful is tvthatiwatch.

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