Once Upon A Time 3.22

“There’s No Place Like Home” 5/11/14 Emma and Neal break into a carnival.
Enchanted Emma is in jail as well as a new girl. Snow and Charming meet up and Hook tells them to get the ring they have to break out Emma from the Evil Queens castle. Red Riding Hood helps Charming and Hook break in, while Emma and new girl break out and they all meet. Snow tries to take out Regina and gets caught and then executed! That night they are mourning around the campfire when a bug shows up and Blue converts the bug to Snow. Hook and Emma decide to knock out the new girl and take her to the future. They recap the bridge scene from Season 1. Adorable. Rumple can’t do the spell so sends them to his Chamber of Secrets. Emma realizes Storybrooke is Home which brings back her powers. She casts the spell and they go back, bringing the new girl with them. Mary Margaret and David name the kid Prince Neal. Regina and Robin make out. Gold and Belle get married. The new girl ends up being maid Marrianne thereby making Emma ruin Regina’s happiness. Oh, and they brought back the snow queen from Frozen. Let It Go. Once Upon A Time is fun tvthatiwatch.

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