Hannibal 2.11

“Ko No Mono” 5/9/14 Will and Hannibal enjoy a lovely dinner. Freddie shows up on fire in a wheelchair riding the ramp to her parking spot. Margo is pregnant with Will’s baby. Alanna goes to see Will to see if he killed Freddie.
The next day after Freddie’s funeral she is dug up and staged like Shiva with 6 arms. Mason doesn’t like the fact Margo is pregnant. Alana is starting to question Hannibal’s actions. Margo tries to escape and gets t-boned by Mason’s henchman then Mason gets a medical team to perform a hysterectomy. Alana thinks Jack and Will and Hannibal are all telling lies and playing a dangerous game so Jack shows her a living Freddie. Will takes on Mason and tells him Hannibal is behind it all. Hannibal is beautifully brilliant tvthatiwatch.

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