Salem 1.01

“The Vow” 4/20/14 John Alden goes off to fight the French-Indian War leaving behind his mistress Mary who happens to be pregnant with his child. Tituba, performs a ritual on her in the woods to remove the child and give it to the… thing… in the woods. Minister Sibley, brands Issac in the stockards as a fornicator. When John returns seven years later, things have changed. Mary is now married to George Sibley, the vicious town minister, who she is torturing by keeping a toad down his throat. She feeds it her blood. Meanwhile Cotton Mather, the new town minister, is witch hunting. When he runs across a young girl possessed, he tries to find out who the witches are. Mary throws a dinner party and tells John she thought he was dead. Giles confronts Mary and tells her he saw her in the woods many years ago and she needs to tell him about his baby. Cotton uses the possessed girl to tell him who the witch is but she can’t so he leashes her and she points out Giles. John and Issac witness the Grand Ceremony and break the witches circle. Giles, John’s only family dies by stoneing. Salem is tvthatiwatch.

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